Agricultural assets, south of Russia

The «Capital» company (Rostov-on-Don) present a website «Agricultural assets, south of Russia».
Our company sells agricultural and industrial assets located in Southern Federal District of Russia - agricultural grounds, enterprises, food productions, infrastructure objects.
Southern Federal District is one of the seven federal districts of Russia. It is located in the extreme southwest, between Ukraine and Kazakhstan. It is the Russian part of the Caucasus.
Southern Federal District - one of the main things in Russia manufacturers and suppliers of agricultural production: grains, meat, milk, fish, sugar-beet, vegetables, fruit.
Rostov-on-Don - the capital of the Rostov region and the Southern Federal District. General Characteristics of the Rostov Region’s Economy. Rostov-on-Don - the port of five seas, large industrial, scientific and cultural center south of the country, an important hub of transportation routes. Rostov-on-Don, Russia - political, economic and cultural center of southern Russia, has a significant industrial, banking, commercial and scientific potential. Rostov-on-Don, Russia covers an area of 354 sq km, the population of over 1 million.
Southern Federal District comprises: detailed
Economy of Southern Russia: 2008.
We invite solid investors which are planning to acquire various agricultural assets in the South of Russia, start the production, come with the new technologies. We also invite to cooperate goods manufacturers, and the services providers in agriculture area for their representation, and setting up the representative offices around the Southern federal district.